Ninety Six Historical Society 

non-profit  501 3 (c)

Meet Our Staff Members
The Ninety Six Historical Society is a non-profit, 501 3(c) organized group, interested in preserving the history of historic Ninety Six for future generations. We understand the need and importance to collect, preserve, and document the people, places, and events of the area, sharing that information with the general public. We are based in Ninety Six and are solely volunteer based. All our research is completed as a courtesy. Public donations are based on the generosity of those we assist. Our members are dedicated to compiling, teaching, sharing and obtaining information. The mission and goals of our small group is to provide and ensure the local history is documented, and the untold, undiscovered or undocumented information is easily accessible, verified reliable, and promoted freely.

Our Team

Executive Board

Jennifer Donlon

Executive Director
Jennifer Donlon is the Executive Director of the Historical Society. Jennifer founded the Society in 2010.

Steve Turner

 Vice President
Steve Turner has been a member since the inception of the Historical Society. Steve was unanimously voted into Vice President position in 2015 for a four year term

Tom Donlon

Secretary /Treasurer
Tom has been a member since the inception of the Historical Society and was unanimously voted into Secretary/Treasurer position in 2015 for a four year term

Secretary: Tom Donlon

Board of Trustees:

Mary Jo Tolbert, Clem McNure, Cyndi Murphy, Steve Turner, Rick Cheek.

Mission Statement

The Ninety Six Historical Society is a non-profit organization preserving the genealogy and history of Ninety Six, Greenwood County, South Carolina, providing opportunities for the community to learn, appreciate, and further understand the history of the Town of Ninety Six and the surrounding areas.


 Board members names are also listed above

Ricky Cheek

Joan Butler

Joseph Tolbert (In memory)

Gary and Judy Pender (Honorary)

Tom Donlon

MaryJo Tolbert 

James Minor                                                                                                                                




Steve Turner                                 Clem McNure

Jennifer Donlon                            Tony Leopard

Sharon French                              Douglas Bell (Honorary)                                     (Honorary)

Andy Dywan                                Cyndi Murphy

Vernon Murray                             Inez Murray  

Robert Hayes                                Melody Cheek





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