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Local Cemeteries

 Note: Some of these cemetery listings are on private property. Please be respectful of the land owner. Do your research first and make attempts to contact land owners and receive permission before attempting to locate and view the cemetery in question.

A great tool to find the land owners is to use the Greenwood County Tax GIS system for the location in which the cemetery is in. Go to

Ninety Six Presbyterian Church Cemetery: Located on Kinard Ave, Ninety Six. GPS: N... 34*10.633'  W... 082*1.393'

Elmwood Cemetery: Located off of Wilson Bridge Rd, Ninety Six. GPS: N...34*10.899'  W... 082*1.409' 

Old Friendship Church Cemetery: Located on HWY 248, towards Hwy 178.

Mill Cemetery: Located on Whitin Ave in Ninety Six Mill Village. GPS: N...34*10.193'  W... 082*0.914'

Ninety Six Community Cemetery: Located off Duke St behind the Ninety Six Boozer Park. GPS: N...34*10.426  W...082*0.79'

Enoree Zion Baptist Church Cemetery: Located off Enoree Road, Ninety Six. GPS: N...34*8.026'  W...081*59.869'

Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery: Located on Mt. Olive Road and Brooks Road. GPS: N...34*3.105'  W... 081*58.605'

Kinard/ Stevens Family Cemetery: Located on Hwy 246, driving towards Brooks Road. N... 34*5.155'  W... 081*57.45'

Kinard Family Cemetery: Located on Hwy 246 below intersection of Hwy 246 and Enoree Church Road. GPS: N... 34*07'52.5"  W...081*58'49.4"

Chaney Family Cemetery: Located on Frazier Rd, Ninety Six. GPS: N...34*12.632'  W... 081*59.381'

Kinard Methodist Church Cemetery: Located on Hwy 248, driving towards Hwy 178. GPS: N... 34*7.093'  W... 082*1.585'

Friendship Baptist Church: Located off Hwy 246, driving towards Coronaca.

Friendship Church: Located off Hwy 248 just prior to Waller Road

Dozier Cemetery: Located at Ninety Six Historical Site Hwy 248.

Proctor Cemetery: Located on Hwy 246 S approx 1000 feet past Aull Mill Road. GPS: N... 34*07'08.0"  W... 081*57'54.4" 

Dyson: Located on Hwy 702 and Brickyard road. GPS: N... 34*08'53.9"  W... 081*55'14.8"

Sister Springs: Located off Pleasant Rock Church Road. GPS: N... 34*08'21.2"  W...081*57'47.1"

Mount Zion Baptist: Located on Highway 246 driving towards Epworth. GPS: N...34*15.569'  W...082*1.996'

Waller Cemetery: Located on Scott's Cross Road East. GPS: N... 34*08.447'  W...082*4.54'

McGeehee Cemetery: Located on Scott's Cross Road East. GPS: N... 34*8.898'  W... 082*4.339'

Gaulden Cemetery: Located on Highway 34 driving towards Chappells. GPS: N...34*10.751'  W...082*00.149'

Coleman Cemetery: Located on Highway 34 driving towards Chappells. GPS:  N..34*9.9531  W... 081*58.486'

Pollard Cemetery: Located on Cullum Road. GPS: N...34.13.696*  W... 082.667*

Johnson Cemetery: Located on Highway 246 across from Ascend (Monsanto) warehouse. This field was also where Mac's Disco was years back if anyone remembers where it was located. GPS: N...34.23094*  W...082.06243*

Byrd Cemetery: Located on Sleepy Hollow Road which is in the Country Holmes Subdivision (Parkland Road). GPS: N...34.21581*  W...082.09581*

Devore Cemetery: Located on Cooter Pond Road. GPS: N...33.98692*  W...082.-9534*









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