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Ninety Six Newspapers

Ninety Six town news has been covered by several publications over the years by such papers as the Abbeville Press and Banner, The Edgefielder and the Greenwood Index and is currently covered by Greenwood The Index-Journal. However, Ninety Six has had it's very own publications and is currently served by the Ninety Six Star and Beacon. Below is a listing of newspapers that strictly covered Ninety Six and its residents.

1876-1877  The Ninety-Six Herald

1877-1879  The Ninety-Six Guardian

1958-1959  The Ninety-Six Star

1981-1985  The Ninety Six Star and County Review

1985-2011  The Ninety Six Star and Beacon

The Ninety Six Guardian was started by Miles McSweeney, a prominent attorney from Charleston who moved to Ninety Six and began the Ninety Six Guardian in hopes of promoting Ninety Six to be the new County seat. When Ninety Six lost the bid to nearby Greenwood, McSweeny sold the newspaper, moved to Hampton and ran another newspaper.  Miles B. McSweeney became Governor of South Carolina in 1899 and was known as the "paperboy Governor" as he was a paperboy at age 10, then running his own newspaper in Ninety Six and Hampton.