Ninety Six Historical Society 

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Revoluntionary War


Civil War

Lt. Col George McDuffie Miller- Company G, Orrs Regiment of Rifles-CSA.Member of Foster Marshall Camp, U.C.V of Ninety Six, SC

W.D. King- Company C, 2nd SC Cav-CSA

R. Chaney-CSA

Willis Chaney- Co. F 2nd Regt. 1836-1862- ANTIETAM-CSA

H. B Chaney- CSA

J.S. Chaney- CSA

LaFayette Martin- CSA

Robert F. McCaslan- Company H, 19th and 10th SC Regiment-CSA, Member of Foster Marshall Camp, U.C.V. of Ninety Six,SC.

World War I

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World War II

Albert P. King III- Killed in action Nov. 23, 1944. Buried in Epinal France at US Military Cemetary.

George A.Graham- US Army

Gettis Fuller Sr. -US Amry


Korean War

Lawrence Conway

Vietnam War

Willie Robinson Jr.- US Army

Desert Storm

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